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EMAIL: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

                                If not born yet:: Please State Below What You Prefer When They Are Born

Sex 1st: ________________________________________________                                 2nd: __________________________________________________

Color 1st: _____________________________________________                                  2nd: __________________________________________________

Purchase price $ _______________________ Price are based on how well we have taken care to give you a happy healthy puppy, nothing else implied. Flight is extra. We will discuss that if that is how you will be getting your puppy. 

Deposit  $ ____________________ (Deposits are non-refundable) in the event there are not enough puppies in the 1st litter coming then your deposit goes towards the next litter to be born.  Deposits $500.00 unless you prefer to pay in full

Balance Due: ____________________________ (CASH ONLY) on pick up day (no exceptions) 

We except deposits by cash, checks, paypal or credit- if using credit or paypal there is a fee due on pick up if not paid with the deposit. Usually it's about $15.00 extra.  But please note balance is due in cash only

Puppies must be picked up on the dates I have set for them to go home. UNLESS plans are made in advance. If they are ready to go home and you haven't made arrangements with me there will be a $10.00 per day fee. If you don't contact me within 5 days your puppy will be resold. Your deposit will be forfeited at that time. 

Customer Signature: ___________________________________________________________________ Date: ______________________________

Note: When puppies are 4 to 5 weeks old (depending on growth spurts) we will be setting up a pick out / play date. According to how your deposits came in is the order you will pick out your puppy. This is just a play date. He/she will not be old enough to go home for a week or so. 

                      Patty Hughes *** 7020 Arrington rd *** Julian NC 27283 *** 336-685-9013 *** 336-209-0534