* Hi Patty, I hope all the dogs aren't keeping you too busy. I went to my first vizsla show today, met the board members for the vizsla club of Greater New York, They LOVED Spartan. Even though he's young they say he has one of the best structures they'be ever seen. They raved about everything from his coat and color, to having no white spots, to the size of his monstrous paws and his thick muscled chest... basically you produce and AWESOME dog!!! Anyways I'm joining the vizsla club as well as the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association. I will be participating in AKC sponsored events... Thank you so much Jim. jalarsen1@hotmail.com   9/8/07 I have to remember the years past as well as new years to come. 

*I know it's been a while. I wanted to share a picture of Lukas, Rosie's son. We love Lukas. He has been the best addition to our family. I hope to stay in touch with you because we will be looking for a little girl in the coming years. Thank you so much for allowing us to take Lukas home! As you can see, he thinks he can eat dinner at the table with us LOL Megan Gell UPDATE: they came back and got Lukas a sisiter 2017. They also come to the Doggy Family Reunions YES happy ever after  luckyinlyf@gmail.com 

* Hi Patty, Just thought I'd pass along some pictures of Maggie. She's fit in nicely and given our older dogs a little playfulness. She is with daddy at the beach, with Andy our son and with her big brother Buster. She's working on learning to lay and to hunt grouse using a dummy. She's very smart (scarily so).. Shelby  shelby.morrison@marrlott.com 

* Hi Patty, I'm sure you have lots of past customersand we are one of them! Our girl is 7 yrs old today (1/27/17) daughter of Rose and Rusty. Bria is a joy and we love her more than anything. Her brother (our youngest son) is now 18 and leaving for college next fall. I'm thinking it might be the right time to adopt a baby for Bria and add a new member to the famil. I'm thinkg a chocolate lab may be calmer than our vizsla and a good balance. Please keep us in mind and would be interested in any update on availability. Hope you and family are doing well! Best Emme & Lester King, Bethany Beach, Delaware emme.king2@gmailc.om 

* 1/26/08 Josie DOB: 1/26/03 You don't ever forget the early years. It's what made you who you are today

Hi Patty, not sure if you remember us... Chris & Tamara Blocker. Our josie turned 5 yrs old today. Thought you'd like to see a picture of her sharing her birthday cake with our twin girls. Sydney & Casey. The girls were 2 in Septmember. Josie has accepted the fact that they are staying!  She is really great with them and they love her to death. Josie has recently decided it is more comfortable to sleep in bed with us than on her bed in our room. We hope all is well. Your website looks great. Looks like you all have done a lot to your property and really expanded . Chris & Tamara  cblocker@triad.rr.com  Josie has passed on now. They have came back and got a Piper weim and a few months later added a lab to the family. 

* Hi Patty, Some new pics for you of Bella. This little girl is VERY SMART no I mean SCARY SMART ok? (My vet confirms this --feels like she should be a full out service dog and that she's going to be bored being my office therapy dog!!! What nerve!!! Anyways, check this out, besides starting to learn to open her crate with her teeth and tongue by squeezing the two very small handles together, she has also figured out, among other things, how to get the last bit of food out of her bowl... no she doesn't chase the bowl all over the kitchen floor like most other dogs would do, Nop this little girl takes the bowl in her mouth and turns it over to pour out the last couple kibbles. Scary.... Also if she identifies something of interest on part of our property, it doesn't matter if it's minutes, hours or days later, she'll run out directly back to that spot and pick up from memory exactly where she left off... I'm starting to feel guilty about just making her a lowly old therapy dog... Should I be donating her to GuideDogs??? yeah, right... Sorry I'm not THAT good hearted..... af92@nycap.rr.com